Guilherme Nascimento – chamber music, vol. 1


  1. The city of blue roofs (2007) – Flávio Barbeitas (guitar)
  2. How silver-sweet sound lovers’ tongues by night (2008) – Berenice Menegale (piano)
  3. Pineapples don’t fly (2001) – Ana Cláudia de Assis (piano)
  4. Sonata (1995-1996) – Edson Queiroz (violin), Valéria Gazire (piano)
  5. When I die of love (2007-2008) – Berenice Menegale (prepared piano), Eladio Pérez-González (baritone)
  6. I am mad only when the wind blows from north-northwest (2005) – Rosiane Lemos (piano)
  7. If the manicurist took an antacid… but there is no brown that could make me acetone(2002) – Madrigal Saeculorum (choir), Eduardo Fonseca (conductor)
  8. Chasing the ox (2006) – Flavio Ferreira (bass clarinet), Carlos Aleixo (viola)
  9. The blue hen (1998) – Rafael Felipe (oboe), Flavio Ferreira (bass clarinet), Sandro Teixeira (horn), Guilherme Nascimento (conductor)

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